Lucky or not?

I’m so happy when i found this today​:rofl::rofl: trash or not?


.nice… :+1:t2:

Lucky: if you have an idea for a Build that can use an Eternal Miasma, this is good until you find one with higher value affixes.

Trash: if you don’t need it, you can convert it to Dust or Ultra Rare Crystal or sell for Gold.

Lucky Trash: now that you have found it, you don’t have to unlock it in the LegendEx for when you do have an idea for a Build that can use it, saved yourself some Dust.


rogue has a talent called bombardier (focuses on throwing smoke bombs)

maybe one can build around that


Thanks dude but I think I will stop playing rogue after I complete this set… I will focus on playing wizard

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I have this idea for a Smokebomb, Smokescreen, Bombardier, Smokebomb Proc, and Clearcast Rogue Build, but I am still Ascending my Rogue & Warrior.

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what skill or affix was it, that when you use a special skill, you automatically spawn a mirror image

and then you combine that with the talent that spawns an extra + extra avoid chance

then youll have 5 of yourself throwing bombs

or is that already wasting a lot of affixes?

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haha, good questions…

look in the Codex > Dictionary > Sets to find the Spawn a Mirror Image Set Affix.

if you have a Rogue, just look in the Talents on the Stat Page, or look in the Codex > Dictionary > Talents.

I don’t have these memorized, so I hope this will help. as far as if this is too many affix slots, it depends on if you have enough slots to make your dream build come true. I have had many Build Ideas that needed more Slots than are available :sob: . :pencil2: + :scroll: = really helpful when working on a Build.

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i think it was trickster set, im havnt logged in to the game im just checking the forums from time to time

since the main source of damage is on the off-hand now (that eternal miasma hits all the right affixes as a DPS focused item), this should also make the mirror image (it also being an off-hand ability) deal equal amounts of damage as the actual bombs

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actually, damage from Mirror Image is different from the original Skill cast. it does the base damage of the OH weapon that Mirror Image is on plus any boosts on the MI Skill, and I think it only Mirrors the Skills cast by MH, but I am unsure about that part.

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I did it once and its satisfying.(Wont spoil the fun tho). But I do have a question on bombardier.

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Bombardier is a chance to cast a second Smokebomb when you cast Smokebomb (+2.5% chance per Rank). so a Rogue with Bombadier 40 would be casting 2 Smokebombs everytime Smokebomb is cast. with 100% Smokebomb Proc & Bombadier 40, a Rogue can cast 3 Smokebombs at a time. add Smokescreen (5) Set with +60% Cool Down, and you have a good ranged multi Smokebomb Rogue.


Even the proc can cast bombardier so there are 4 smokebomb being casts at the same time with 100% smokebomb proc.


:open_mouth: :astonished: :eyes: wow! well, this just makes my Smokebomb Ninja an even better idea! can’t wait until my Rogue finishes Ascending.


The weapon damage% on my OH only affect OH base damage or it will also affect on my MH?

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WD%, +WD, MP Reduce only affects the weapon they are on.

ED%, +ED, Epic Elemental Crit Chance only affects Weapons of the same Element.

Elemental Crit Damage only affects the same Element (Blight only affects Poison).

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