Lucky. Won 3 eternal chest in a row

As the title says, I won 3 eternal chests in a row but to be fair, I won like 200+ streak before I finally lost (not in a single session but a span of days). Winning 3 eternal chest in a row and this was without advert boost.

Tell me any lucky moments in winning arena chests. I mean I also won 3 legend chests in a row at one point without AD boost but eternal chest is much harder to get that many in a row.

lol i have 26 eternal chest

I spent all of them. I had like 20 something before I spent it all. I won 3 eternal chest in a row which is very rare , even without advert boost. Although I do remember winning 4 legend chests in a row too without advert boost. I mean what are the odds of winning 3 of a rare eternal chest in a row.

nice I never got so lucky about eternarl chest like 1 eternal then 20-30 random chest to get eternal chest again

Ikr. First time I was this lucky. :smile: .

I got 5 eternal chest with a eternal set while in pvp mode. ahhahaa i dunno if that helps but i got 5 consecutive eternal chests then after that 2 legend then all epic hahaha.

if i’m not lazy i’ll post my 26 eternal chest lol

After a year of playing this game I just noticed that Arena chests can be Converted into a higher rarity from your inventory, pending you have enough of them :smile:

Lol. Well it’s true but I discovered that when I first played arena a year ago

I only discover it when I harvest all my chest :joy: