I got fooled… So i killed an enslaver, and a legend imp dropped on the ground…

When i looted it is a legend slime (leaf)
I thought it would be a merlins imp… :sadparrot:

And after finishing enslaver feat, got another legend slime(aether)


:parrot: Oh yeah dance with joy!



Lol xD

:parrotdad: :parrotdad: :parrotdad: :parrotdad: :parrotdad: :parrotdad: :parrotdad: :parrotdad:


Same… Found Legend Fairy when I look I got Legend Hound (Momentum).


Atleast it is not slime… :stableparrot:

Hiking in the lower floor says Found legend fairy it then when i open its​ a slime but eternal feels good about it but slime is disappointing but its still ok rather than nothing​ :slight_smile:

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