Made it to top1 eternal

finally my 1st time standing at the top @Griffin012 @marwinberna @Eater haha

im so happy even no reward haha … i think i cant defend this for today i still ned to go to gym to workout haha. really exciting xperience and im so thrilled on strong opponents i fought with diff set-ups nc idea and build guys. too bad my name sucks haha i accidentally register it with crap name lel


congrats reach the top 1 mate

il try haha. i actually just play pvp for angelic aura reward at lvl30 it really look cool

Reach for top 1. :top::top:

@marwinberna @Eater im trying im on top 2
atm haha … @Griffin012 hope u got kick down haha kiddin … btw ur AI char is not attacking at all even not using skill just always give mepoints (seems a bug to me or AI setting mistake)

Nope no mistake if I let it attack despite the fact that it will have everyone on that leaderboard handily beat people would be able too figure out what it does and copy it :wink: nice build though I love the damage output it’s rare at that high of a rank!

@Griffin012 ur selfish haha kiddin i wna know your secret badly since im a big fan of bow rogue. tnx dude actually ithink my build is just at minimum lvl since i dont have any elemcrit and elemcritdmg haha. (skulldraga ftw haha)

i was meaning to ask you how u made a bow rogue top 1 cuz i tried every posible things i could do to make a decent a bow rogue on pvp but always fail zzz ( sharee plsssss ) haha ill worship you xd

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Lol thanks :kissing_heart: sorry though no telling :wink: I’d definitely wanna see you try one out with all of the knowledge you’ve gained though! As for elemental crit I’d actually say that that is really underwhelming unless you build around it exclusively… :unamused: it used too be extremely popular and percieved as OP but it’s more mediocre fortunately and unfortunately

@Griffin012 how do u beat dis Lord.Karsus guy a wiz he always end my streak zz very tanky w/ high dmg.

scalp most popular special skill now adays.
some warriors actualy stack elemcritdmg dey can burst enemy if dwy lock it down

The same way I beat everyone quite handily :stuck_out_tongue: and yeah that’s cause scalp is pretty OP but nah element crit damage that is actually threatening can be completely beaten by 2 affixes

Anyways wanna get some levelling in tonight not just PvP so I’m gonna stop defending my rank for now (I think I proved my point earlier :stuck_out_tongue: ) so if you can beat down the cheater mikuyo faster then they can output false wins you can get that rank 1 :wink: hope too see you there in the morning! :grin:

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@roykiyoy Wiz.Khalifa doesnt have Sanctuary you can defeat him even dont have draws :joy: just spam dmg as fast as you can and stay away on Torrents

@marwinberna actually i havent lose yet to wiz khalifa my problem is this wiz name Lord.Raksus he just keep ending my streak its so hard to earn 24pts but just 1 lose from that guy lel 24pts goes to nothing

@Griffin012 i really dont get it how does that mikuyo guy in top league no offense but his setup is kinda weak lol … what char u lvling?

my warrior is stil lvl61 atm im also thinking of lvl it up lol … does stat ppint affect pvp? imean the power hp and mana u put your points upon leveling …

i dont get the idea of stock_out_tounge haha im quite a slow thinker

@roykiyoy Pardon me. Its the Account of Dumbledore…

I think that one is a cheater… also before I got Rank 1 thats one of my biggest wall.

Try to make draws till 4 to 5 Rounds so can increase your DMG and defeat him.

I dont know what tactics to teach you to defeat him. Im using Warrior :joy:.

They’re using a modded client that makes it so that they can win fights that that can’t actually win and yes stat points do they’re just scaled down too level 20!

As for the character I’m levelling… all of them!

And stuck out tongue is too thoroughly point out that I am actually just a massive nerdy dork that plays way too much DQ


Heroic Skills are Set to 0 in PvP including Strength Agi and Int…

Hero Stat Points will decrease to 75% in PvP.
Ex. if you are full Str .299 Str will drop to 74Str.

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I would like too clarify this points are not scaled down by 75% they are scaled too level 20 so you have 57 points too work with total and the system will designate them based on the ratio of your spec :+1: :smile:

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@Griffin012 @marwinberna tnx for the info guys.

Hype Hype! :steam_locomotive: congrats! :smile: time for you too tackle the bow build problem again :wink:

@Griffin012 wna give me any hint? haha
ya but now i ned to fix ned togo to a gym to workout after tons of hours laying around/sittinf playing dq we need to move are muscles too haha

actually main reason i pvp is for angelic aura but i still got long way to go im stil almost at lvl 28