Major bugs on Fire TV

I have posted in facebook. The first post the game save was reverted, but the same issues happened again. … ts_to_page
(other is missing)

In short:

  1. Not able to identify item
  2. Item comparisons no longer work.
  3. Bought bags are not saved.
  4. Warriors cannot equip weapons after level 10.
  5. Wizard is all of a sudden turned into a warrior (wears all warrior clothes/items/weapons)

All of the issues only happen when you create a wizard character, level for a bit, create a warrior character and start playing it. This has been repeated/verified twice here, and once at ShinyBox games.

Yup! While we cannot pinpoint the exact reason it happens we think we have identified a way to fix it and have already put that fix into our next patch.

While I have tried to reproduce it on our end using the new patch and have not been able to, this doesn’t mean it is fixed. Since the nature of this save file issue appears to be random (it is NOT limited to fire tv devices) so I cannot say it has been eradicated.

Shoot me another email at support@ and we will get your save file built again.

Thanks for the heads up on the issue as well!

Thanks! Email sent. I guess this means for me to wait until the patch is out :smile: It keeps corrupting otherwise.