Make the soundtrack available for purchase

This is a great game and the soundtrack is amazing. I would love to be able to purchase it. Think this might be doable?



I agree on this one xD

my favorite bgm was the 1st floor of the Volcano Dungeon.

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That’s a nice edition tbh. My favourite soundtrack is desert/volcano theme. I could record the ost and place it on YouTube though if you want? Regardless,I would gladly purchase the soundtracks if that were a thing. It could be double I guess. +1

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This happens to be my favorite as well! The last half of the volcano is great too.

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I like the desert and opening bgm :smile:


I know this is a very old thread but a response to this request is nowhere to be found up to this date.

I am also willing to purchase a soundtrack of this game(if the devs are not giving them away for free😁).

The battle arena and the forest soundtrack are very sweeet!

So does anybody know where and how we can get them?