Makeing a farming build need sum tips :)

Hi all was wounding what I should put on to this hat as it’s got 4 slots :slight_smile: I’m working on geting luck. Gold and item find on my other items

in my opinion, the mythics available for head are not that good in pve and dont contribute to damage like Serenity and Desperation.
Try resource mythic if you want, theyll grant you damage while modifying your resource like Energy and Bloodmagic.

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Ok thanks a lot :slight_smile:

@Nightbladejay just wna add …m if u gona go farm build use crystaline/eternalized set affix on hat instead of mythical (unless ur main goal is farming myth)

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How do I get them on there

You loot them from floor 350+

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Thanks a that’s for rouge rite :slight_smile: