Making a new build, but need to know some things

So i looked on the wiki and the in game codex and both said nothing about guardian, and mercenery. I was wondering why that is and what they both do. Also any tips for making a build? What is best for pvp afix wise?

I haven’t experimented at all with Guardian yet, but it seems to have some PVP potential on a tanky build. Mercenary is working well with my current floor climbing build.

These 2 are part of the 4 ultra rare sets found above floor 1000 M3. There is also Mythitec (wizard) and Shadows (rogue). I know Mythitec can be effectively used in PVP, but so far I’ve found Shadows to be useless.


Hey thanks. Thats is really helpfull, i dont think either guardian or mercenery will make it into my huild though

No worries. If I ever get enough dust, or just get lucky enough, I want to try an all-eternal Mythitec build.

I actualy have a build that is what i theorize is the theoretical limit of dust farming. Just needs a couple more drop rate increaseing things and a rune of elixer and id say its finished. Mind, not the theoretical limit of eternal items, or crystal, just colecting dust in general. So i might aim to test with those some day, as it dose also intrigue me.

don’t forget, Eternal Mythictech Items can’t have Mythic Affixes. you end up with 1 Socket & 3 empty spaces.

Huh ok then thanks for the heads up

you still get the damage, and I think the heal, (if CD is 1 second or faster) but the APS part doesn’t affect CD.