Making a staff

Trying to increase my DPS and I like the staff.

I am going for 6 epic affixes.

What I am looking for is:

  • % Luck
    +% Comet
    +% Damage
    +% Attack Speed
    +% Crit Damage
  • %Arcane Damage (Ice).

Let me know your thoughts. If something is better let me know and explain why.

My stat points will be all for DPS. Ill have a few items with +HP on them and one item with HP/MP leech. Every other affix will be centred around DPS.

I already have a staff that is 37k DPS. After playing around with it, I have noticed that the biggest changes to DPS come from + 1/2 Bolt Chance.

After that I noticed the biggest increases on DPS on the staff were +% Damage, + ## Damage, +%Attack Speed, +% Arcane Damage.

Stats that didnt move the DPS of the staff up were Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and +%Comet.

I was surprised at the comet affix not moving the DPS of the staff up. Why is that?


[quote]After that I noticed the biggest increases on DPS on the staff were +% Damage, + ## Damage, +%Attack Speed, +% Arcane Damage.

+% damage : yes

  • damage : yes
    +% elemental damage : yes
    +% attk speed : no

Crit Chance : no
crit damage : no
+% comet : yes

That’s normal, comet is your skill, nothing related to your global dps, to be related to your global dps it would mean you had to spamm comet and only comet, that’s not how it works… +20% comet does mean your comet dmg will be raised by 20% on each proc (like +20% twister, etc)

So, you’re right about 2-3 things, but you didn’t get how dps work, lemme explain you :

Crit dmg / crit chance and attk speed have are related to your dps (better cap them to their max, 300%, 60% and 60% respectivly).
But these stats aren’t related to your weapon. It does mean that you can have these stats on every parts of your stuff, whatever the piece, main/off hand, helm, chest, etc …

The only affixes related to your weapon are :

+Bolt damage (2 is the max on a single piece, but the real max is actually 3, a fix will be done soon to get this affixe at 3 on the weapon)
+% damage (max : +50%)

  • damage (max : 2000)
    +% elemental damage (max : 20%) (related to each piece, so you can have +20% on every pieces, 6*20 = 120% elemental damage, you NEED this).

So you’ve 2 affixes on which you can get the affixes you want (HP leech, MP, or whatever you want, even crit damage, even if it’s not necessary to get it on weapon…

There, my old staff, 69k is the max value of dps got by a staff for the moment, because +%dmg, +dmg, %elementdmg and +bolt are maxxed…

If you’ve any question, ask :wink:

Good luck!

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Holy sh!+ nice staff diieter

Ty Dieter. That was a lot of great information and has put me in the right direction.