Making Wizard's PvP/Playstyle

Ask me any build you want for PvP wiz. ill teach you how to make it INSANE .

300k hp wiz?

Plauge fauns battlemage vampiric x7 hp7500 nature luck x7

Then how to make 1M HP Wiz? Mine was only 700k with 400Power.

What was ur 2.5 build? This wizard was more tanky than warriors and it still hit like a truck :stuck_out_tongue:

Eternal gear with hp obsi but its too hard to find it . But it is posible to make 1m hp

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Some tips at least? :smile:

Oh yes some tips… :blush:

I dont use HP version of Tanks I use Mana instead with matching BloodMagic and Gold Find but Im still not satisfied on 700k HP :sweat_smile:

It depends what playstyle youwant.
Like… battlemage charge scalp whirlwind w/skullshield
Manashielder w/reflect
Dancing aftermath
Normal attackwiz
Thats my playstyle , adding procs for more fun :smile:

The battlemage one, when i tried to do it by myself it dealt close to no damage :smile:
And also what do u mean by dancing aftermath? Im not familiar with this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Dancing aftermath build is TIMEMAGE.
That is nightmare for all old players :cry:

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Lol. Yeah a nightmare but me defeated Timemage so easily. But that’s only because I also liked aftermath but fire was extremely powerful in PvP back then and stealth too.

Also some luck.

Show me your build let me fix it

Pat teach me also how to make this 400k hp and 900+ power so op build takes 2-3 rounds before i can kill this. Help me my combo doesnt work to his ai

I dont have this set anymore, but it was something like this: battle mage, terrashaper, vampiric touch, fauns gift, defiant, plagued and CV
Crystal affixes: crit chance, crit dmg, hp, block, 2x luck,
Legend: 3 PTLs, barbarian, storm proc
Epic: 7x hp, 7x 5k shock dmg
Natures: 7x luck
Mythics: earthquake, sanctuary, enigma, fury

Dont use 3 PTL’s. 1only

Your’e awesome @P0cKMaN you pass my strenght who gave you idea to copy my playstyle

What should i use instead of it then? And will it fix the low dmg problem? :smile: