Mana points issue

Good day!
Please help.
During game (act 1, floor 18) I’ve paused game and turned screen off.
After 20 minutes I’ve turned it on and continued play but after that I’ve lost all mana points.
During fight my character spends health instead of mana and mana bar is empty (you can see it on screeshot attached).
When I tried to respec, I was able to add mana point. But after resuming game mana points still 0.
Is it possible to fix it?
Before respec

After respec before resume game

During game


Are you using a legend with the blood magic talent?

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Yes, I using this

That’s where your mana went then. Read the description for the blood knight talent a little more closely. It freaked me out the first time I equipped a piece and my health started dropping from attacks. Make sure you have plenty of +HP or +mana gear (they both go into your health pool) and lots of leech and it’s a really fun and powerful talent.

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Thank you!
Now I see it was my mistake))