Mana Regen and Projectile

Hello! crafting for my wiz and need quick answer = (
what is the mana regen cap in campaign?
what wizard skills are considered projectiles?

that’s all. appreciate it.

Sad. no one seems to know the cap for mana regen = (

Comet, Barrage, Pierce, Orb

cool. thanks for info.

@ocenyx can you confirm if mana regen cap is 30,000?

Are the skullshield’s skills projectiles?

are minions attack projectile? = )

They are “projectiles” too but they are not from the “wizard”, as per the question. :grimacing: what will u use it for anyway?

Regen cap is 30000 atm.

thank you bro

So is a Guantlet’s Blast not considered a projectile?


Is mayonnaise an instrument?


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Is twister and storm are projectile? Allowed to use living force?

Nope :slight_smile:

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Nope they are not projectiles and Regen cap is now 20k even though this post outdated. 20k for MP and HP and I guess that means from 12k to 6k Regen is cap. Cap Regen in arena is probably 6k nowadays since the Regen cap 20k after 2.3 due to how good it is. Nerfed druidic poison alot but that is not relevant as much anymore.

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Thanks both of you

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