[Manashield] Skills, Effect, Heroic Skills

Manashield creates a magical shield that takes damage at cost of MP and reflect 200% OH. Stats not affect this shield.
The only talent that give bonus to manashield are Barrier and Infusion.
Barrier gives -1.5%MP cost every level (max -60% MP taken)
Infusion gives 5% all resist to shield every level (max 200% all resist)
And the heroic skills give:
+5% Damage /lvl
+2.5% Refrect Damage /lvl
+1% Spell Duration /lvl
-1% Skill Cost /lvl

My questions here is:

  1. What kind of +5% damage the heroic skills give us? When the manashield not doing any damage at all, its only reflect damage at 200% OH without heroic skill. Does it give us +5% damage /lvl to any skill that we use when manashield active?
  2. Does the -1% Skill Cost reduce the MP cost when we take dmg using manashield like Barrier talent did, or it just reduce the MP cost for activating manashield?
  1. +DMG from Heroic Skill only affects the DMG of the skill. In this case the 200% OH reflect.

  2. Cost reduction from Heroic Skill only affects the cost when cast.

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So at lv 40 it’ll become 200% reflect dmg +200% dmg +100% = 500% oh dmg from manashield?

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basically :smile:

No, all heroic effects are multiplicative (except obviously +Multi/Extra Attack). This means you will reflect (200% OH)(1+0.05Heroic)+(Reflect DMG)(1+0.025Heroic).

If you have no Reflect DMG, it will reflect only 600% OH. If you have 250% Reflect DMG, you will reflect 600% OH + 500% Reflect DMG.

Hmm, i got it now, so it means reflect dmg from manashield count as different source from the actual reflect dmg?

So, if i use Redirect Mythic, my manashield wont do reflect dmg when dodge or block incoming dmg?

That is correct. Manashield reflects OH while Reflect DMG is a completely different effect (It reflects MH). Hopefully it will be changed in the future.

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That’s what I’m thinking @Clogon. Can we suggest that Reflect Damage should also affect in OH?

And also, sorry bout’ my earlier comment I realized it was really wrong :grin: Right now my Reflect Damage counts synergizes with my Manashield since I’m using Iceburn and Electrified sets :wink:

Does this mean that the Barrier talent makes Manashield cost 1.5% less mana to cast per rank?
Just wondering cause it reads “Manashield consumes -X% MP” in the talent tree screen

@JesusSaves precisely. Barrier talent makes Manashield lower it’s resource cost on casting.

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Cost =/= Consumption.

The barrior talent increases Manashield’s EHP by reducing the Mana that is consummed when it blocks damage.

I will try to make the talent and skill description easier to understand. If you guys have any suggestions, please provide them. Try to convey what it does in less than 8 words.


Thanks for all your efforts Clogon

LOL my bad. I’ve come this far and I realize I didn’t understand the definition clearly. Thanks @Clogon for correcting my misleading info. All I thought is that Barrier talent reduces MP cost upon casting. tsk. I’m so stupid.

So, basically Barrier is clearly a damage reduction to Manashield huh? awesome! :blush:

Well kind of. I mean it reduces mana taken from blocking damage so the damage taken to the shield takes the mana but the mana taken will be reduced thanks to barrier.

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Hello.I have a question.Does any form of MP absorb activate while manashield is on?

Nope. Manashield removes mana based on damage taken but you can’t use MP Absorb on it , otherwise it would be a bit too good maybe.

Also manashield doesn’t reduce damage, only turn damage into mana lost. You can Regen with manashield though or MP on hit or any resource mythics. Although there is a wizard talent that makes manashield count % of resists . More mana, the longer the shield can last.

omg thank you.so permafrost would likely be useless right?

Not required for manashield .