Many effects at a time


My Wizzard is a elementalist, so he deals many effects to the enemies. But I’ve noticed that the Paralyzed effect animation will disappear if the Freezed effect animation is on. So, does it mean the Paralyzed effect disappears or it just still affects the enemies while Freezed effect is casting? Please help me with this. Thank you.

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It would disappear I am pretty sure , but there was a way to use a combo. Where you shock the enemy first with shock element and paralyze happens, then high voltage affix activates.

Then your ice attack may get increased damage from that as well as Stacked Debuffs. The enemy get frozen which removes the paralyze effect but thats okay, you got the freeze or slow effect anyway. Frostbiting affix could be used for ice elemental crit damage, and frozen set if you want enemy to explode in ice.

Good question to ask though.

You can stack a few DoTs like bleed+ fire dot or any other element, and a CC like stun, blind, paralyze, slow. The stun does not combine with Blind effect for example but stun can combine with bleed damage, fire damage over time. Also some sets that increase damage on a condition like bleeding enemies, pierced, criticals, etc.

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