Map affix Skyfall

Something tells me, that I’ve experienced 1x earlier that the falling meteors stopped after i killed the cartographer, but hasn’t happened ever since?
Anyone know if it’s supposed to keep falling after the cartographer is dead or?


They stop falling once the cartographer is dead but they will start again if you die after they stop :smile:

Ah - makes sense - thank you:)

:+1: :smile:

Kill the Carto, woot!

When I found this out befour I was so happy :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is it that when i kill the cartographer some parts of the maps i havent been to still has skyfal? Like wth hahahah i dunno if u guys experienced this ttoo

Those are actually the enemies called furies falling from the sky they have the exact same animation but spawn enemies and the meteor they fall as doesn’t deal anywhere near as much damage but is still just as deadly because if you get hit by it you will get stunned :smile:

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I dont think so… I dont see any furies emerging… Just smoke and when it hit me it stuns and damage me like other skyfals

They don’t have a really great animation and you can kill them pretty quickly after they spawn unlike the malum spawns so it might not seem like it but as long as you haven’t died that map after killing the cartographer that’s them spawning on your head and being right lil butts :smile:

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I dont experience it a lot tho just sometimes hahaha i have no problem with it tho

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