Map affix

Is there a ressource, similar to this:

Explaining about map affixes? For instance if you take the +% Epic Enemies, it goes from 1-3% for me so far, but don’t know if it can go higher, and at which map quality the break point is from 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and so on. Any inputs are welcome:)

Given that you guys usually have an answer within 10 min after a post, I take it that there is no such resource:)

No not currently sorry was gonna respond when you first posted and got side tracked I will do one up when I have time! (will probably be like a week I have stuff going on right now and will be prioritizing the video series I’m working on until it is finished) :smile:

The video material is awesome. You should prioritize that!
It’s great content for newer players like myself:)

I’m glad your enjoying it! should have a new one up very soon :green_heart: :smile: