Map Affixes

Hi ppl! Would like to ask you how do you get on with skyfall and tnt? Dont you think that damage is too overpowered? tnt is not a big deal for a ranged class, all we have to do is just to be carefull. but sometimes those boxes spawn right next to us on the respawn and thats an instakill on the respawn. The same wtory with reward chest from the Cartographer - sometimes it spawns right next to you and thats a “TNT-Reward” after killing a boss ((
Another problem is a skyfall. absolutely no way to predict where it’s going to land when all the screen is covered with spam-Skills, proc-Skills, aoe effects and all the other graphics. At lvl 350+ it started to be a problem for me. How do you deal with that?

dont you think it would be much better if these OP affixes would roll on a higher tier maps? like Epic only for example… btw imho it would be nice to have exactly the same system with map affixes as we have in the item-affix system. Some affixes could be in magic/rare map group
some other, more dangerous, in epic maps?

I just sprint to the boss and kill it first.

Raise your defense and you’ll survive Skyfall. Plagued will be extremely useful in this case.

80khp, 80% total damage reduction in stats (22k armor, 1300+allresist), 30% MP absorb = still 1-hit when skyfall rolls 100%+

With 80k HP and Plagued (5) you should have at least 100k armor :smile:

bloodmagic +5 plagued more than 150k but myth3 400+ floors still 1 hit

i think there is no way to getting tanky for 300 + i watched a guy farming 1000+ with only 10k hp every skyfall and tnt 1 hit him but he focused max damage and 1 hit everyboss

sry for bad english:-)

Sorry off topic … how to raise damage reduction stat? Is it from armor? how many armor = 1 % dmg reduction?