Map issue

After completing map (gathered as a loot from Cartographer) I cannot find an exit from map.
Android 4.2.2

You don’t exit from maps. Just use the new map you got from the cartographer or hit level select in the pause menu.

On Cartographer maps you don’t have an exit portal.
The Cartographer will drop a higher floor map. You can continue your dungeon by using that map.

Thanks for answers.
I looks like an endless travel through the random maps :smile:

Once you get to floor 200, that’s exactly what it is… You’ll notice the green dot on the cartagrapher maps. That shows the “exit”, which obviously isn’t an exit now, but it does show where the cartagrapher is. I’ve run through a few maps just trying to find her and was running so fast that I completely missed her. Having the green dot made it very easy to go back to her location.

All of the maps the cartagrapher drops (and the ones you buy from the merchant) have enemy “buffs” on them. Skyfall (meteors) is one of my least favorite. If you go kill the cartagrapher, the meteors stop. However, if you get killed after killing the cartagrapher, when you respawn, the meteors start again.