Map loot dots

I’d like to suggest to add map loot dots.
This is a feature a game called Dungeon Defenders does really well.
They give each rarity of items a color on the mini map.

So taking legend would be a small red dot, and a rare crystal could be light blue.
The thing with not having this feature is that it slows down people clearing maps drasticly… which i think is really anoying.

This feature could sync very well with the current loot preference settings as well :slight_smile:

Because right now I’m at wave 233+ and i have 1 eternal ( the green thingy ) item… not sure if that’s correct or just missed out on some xD

I would also want to add a marker of the shrines and rejuvenating pools on our map. ^^

If you get a high pickup radius this wouldn’t really be needed but I guess it depends on play-style as other’s just clear out the dungeon then just pick up the loot after clearing.

Maybe on eternal and crystal item i agreed… other items nah… mini map cluster fuck

get a good pickup radius and problem solved :slight_smile:

Well i think players should just be able to select te wanted map icons, for example we have the rarity select option in the settings right now. Just link that to the map dots. Because u dont want te lower raritys anyways.