Map Suggestion

  1. Cartographers should drop 2 Maps. It’s so hard that every time you fail the stage you need to buy another map.

  2. The “Enemy Heal%” Affix in my current floor is just deadly. Cartographers are near invulnerable with just 1% on their HP. Maybe just remove this Affix. PLEASE :smile:

  3. Add “Bonus” after Map Completion like; additional gold and items.

That’s all… THX…

Well… Compared to the rewards, buying maps is cheap.

this. is. AWESOME!

We’re thinking about adding an option when you fail the map to [Retry at Map Cost], which might alleviate this concern.

Aren’t you around floor 3000? :smiley: I’ll be honest, I didn’t test the affixes that high, but perhaps we can introduce a mechanic that stops enemy health regeneration, perhaps w/ bleed. High Crushing Blow would probably help too.

I’m not sure what you mean here

maybe what he’s trying to say is that after completing a random 200+ map, there will be a reward for certain floor.
e.g. :

  • floor 500 --> gold 1m + ragnarok
  • floor 1000 --> gold 2m + stone of nadroji
    (u wish, lol)

so that instead of repeating ignis massacre (avoiding insanely increasing difficulty on random map), people will be more attracted to play random map (which may reduce boredom due to chicken fighting ignis all the time).
sorry for my redundant language, and sorry for saying sorry too much.

p.s. : I’m not a Canadian, lol.

Already have the gold chest for killing cartographer o.o

but it may be that when u kill all map mobs, a very hard special boss appear giving u nice rewards when killed