A marketplace would be a nice feature to have for a couple reasons. One it’ll give people who have a hard time crafting items to purchase items from others on the market place. You could add a highest gold leaderboard. Selling items on marketplace would cost 10% of posted gold amount. Ex. Item you want to sell for 10m would cost 1m to post on market place. And to buy from market place would cost posted gold amount + a fixed amount of hero points depending on quality of item. Ex epic items would cost 500hero points + posted gold amount. Legendary items could have a fix of 10k hero points. Set legends high because legends are found fairly easy but hero points require grinding.

I disagree with that because this is exactly this system which killed “diablo 3”!

As Dungeon Quest is a Hack n Slash, it’s all about “farming” and “crafting”, a market isn’t a good idea, some people will buy a lot of money instead of farming to get items they don’t deserve … the lifetime of the game will be decreased for the lazy players… and I wouldn’t be happy to see “cash shoppers” being in the highest leaderboards while they did nothing to reach it ^^

At some point we’d like to introduce trading, just person to person. We feel that it would help increase communication between players outside of the game and give a bit more of a connected feeling to an otherwise lonely single player game :smile:

We have a few steps to go before introducing something like this, but I at least wanted to mention that we’re interested in going the trading direction over having an Auction House.

It costs well over 1 million gold to make a perfect item. Most my gear is 4 epic effix’s and that cost 1-2 million each. So if someone really wants to give steiger $40-60 for one piece of gear. Let them do that lol.

little late on the reply, but i disagree completely with that idea :imp: :imp: . That is the type of thinking that turns good games in to P2W which ultimately destroys good games, I just hope the devs aren’t thinking of going in that direction. :frowning:

Plsno, justno

never ever pls. that’s a horrible thing :frowning:

As a quick aside, the amount of gold that is given to players who purchase gold in game has been greatly increased. For example went from 1 million for a 19.99 purchase to 10,000,000. All other gold values changed as well.

I just started a few days ago but i realized that farming gold (items) is very easy and fast on floors 100+. And i dont need to be very strong to farm there efficent. 1m every ~30 minutes :smile:

I would like to see a marketplace/ auction house. I understand that some people dont like that but for casual gamers who dont have the time to play/farm alot it is good. And the people who didnt like it can just stay “selffound” if they want.

I think when trading becomes aviable, its almost sure that upload/download character from server its going to stop… and accounts will be saved on server and reroll system maybe will change

Jeah, this upload/download -thing is VERY anoying but unfortunaly atm the only way to get godly items (getting 6 epic affixes even 2 with just enchanting and disenchanting is like OMGWTF!!! It would be a great work if they change it :smile: even with upload/download it is a pain and the reason i just walk around with 1!!! epic and maxxed affix on all of my items…Luck

Please DO NOT remove the offline capability of this game!! Able to play offline is why I love this game!! About enchanting, how about requiring us to be online when enchanting or rerolling? But the core gameplay still can be played offline… On trading, how about we cannot trade epics and legends? Just able to trade rares…

I don’t know what kind of a new enchanting system we will get soon but guess for perfect items we will need ALOT of moniez :smile:

I also like the offline play on games, I don’t always have data connection xD

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To help alleviate concerns:

[ul][li]We do not plan on making DQ an online required game.
[li]Only features we’d force online would be Account, Leaderboards, Trading, Co-op, Etc.
[li]We will never make an Auction House for Dungeon Quest, but trading is a strong possibility.
[li]What we’d have to consider before trading happens is what will be allowed to trade. ( Legends, rare, pets, gold, etc )[/li][/ul]

I just want co-op and the ability to add friends.

I dont care too much about a marketplace.
Just no p2p or p2w. ty.