Masochism + glasscannon

Hello to all,

I would like to confirm from everyone, those experts in Affixes if MASOCHISM Set Affix would still take effect with 100% Glasscannon?

I mean, with 100% Glasscannon you will have 1 HP, Masochism Set Effect will Increase DMG while below 75% Health. When above 50% HP, Healing effects damage you. And with 1 HP, we cannot have points lower than 1 and we cannot have 0.5 or 0.75 HP either. So is it possible to combine? MASOCHISM + 100% Glasscannon? Will Masochism take effect?

Anyone whoever tried this combination? Please tell if it’s possible.

If you only have a max HP of 1 you are always at 100% HP so no it will not work :smile:

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Okey Master @Griffin012… So I can have it like 50% Glasscannon + 49% below Glasscannon. :smile:

Yes but you probably want more like ~50%-80% glass canon so you don’t need to invest into HP that much :smile:

Because if I will to choose I like 100% glasscannon but Masochism will be useless right? If I have like 99 point something percent for glasscannon for Masochism to effect, I would choose that.

Yeah the thing is that if you do not have a large enough HP pool masochism is going too kill you so you need too have a decent enough pool of HP left over after applying the glass canon :smile:

Okay, I got it… Is it okay with around 2k HP? I only got 50% Glasscannon, I’ve disenchanted the other 50%. :smile:

if you’re using regen yes if your using HP on hit no it won’t work unfortunately because it will end up killing you

Okey Sir, I better understand it now. Thanks for the infos. :smiley: Will try this build setup later on higher floors.

Thank you.

Glad too help out :grin: