Massive bug!

Ok so there I was just trying to do episode 5 on floor 201…I then noticed the ability to travel too the highest floor ive completed…so I sold all my maps…and then I clicked do episode at like floor 235 and it got stuck loading…so I quit and reset game…ok I go back and I can no longer travel to my highest floor only floor 200…WTF! all my maps are gone…

You cant travel that way. If you lose your progress you have to fight all the way up again

No bro you misunderstand me…I was abl3 to scroll through all thr floors I completed…

Well i didnt.

You can only go upto 200

Im telling you dude…I scrolled through floor pages til floor 314…my highest completed floor…


Oh, ok. This is a bug. Go to any level past 200 with a map and then choose select level and it will show you many more levels but you will hang at loading screen if trying to use this method.

However, you still shouldn’t have sold your maps. /:

Lolz learned…I thought they said the last patch would allow you to floor select…oh well…I did save one epic map at a decent floor so im good