Mastering Dungeon Quest from the beginning to the infinite

Hello guys !

It has now been almost 2 years I’m playing Dungeon Quest but I do have a problem : I’m still a noob and can’t improve my build to get in floors higher than 600…

And, I do think therer is a lot of people here in that case.

That’s why I’m opening a new thread when I would like you guys (please) to share your IG experience by giving what builds did you used for example for floors 1-100 to 2k+ ? Not only about Mythics builds or eternal builds at the beginning but starting with legend builds ownable for every one to the best builds you’ve ever found !

This will be, I think, helpful for most users, from VERY NOOBs to NOOBs (me) to PROs! :smiley:

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First just try to read lots of guides on builds here on forum go to builds or gameplay section. usually they xplained everything on how to make that certain build and what are the important affixes and set affixes u need.

If ur gona climb up on high floor crushing blow affix will make ur life easier. Also the best build for pve atm is by using poison plague or ice frozen build. Or arcanist+ascendant is also viable. @TWCheese

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