Max gold?

Hey anyone know if there is a max limit of gold? :slight_smile:

good question. max i saw was 5b. what for?

Well, I’m farming and farming, wondering so I don’t encounter a limit :stuck_out_tongue:
But feels good to know atleast up to 5b Is safe, near 1b now after 5-7 days farming :slight_smile:

I read on a post (made by a hacker) awhile back that the max is 2.147T. I think. :neutral_face:


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well the max gold that will be displayed in the inventory is the dreaded 2.147T but when you’re in-game(unpaused) and you have more than 2.147T, the gold displayed under your mana bar will be equal to your actual gold count. For example, you have 30T gold: when you go to inventory, the gold displayed at the bottom center of the ui is the 2.147somethingsomething but when you exit the inventory and look under your mana bar, you will see that it displays 30T. Me not sure tho if there’s a cap for the in-game display under the mana bar

how did you know? ^^

sometimes i play around with the game :grin: but don’t worry i only play around with previous patches and if i ever try to play with recent patches, i would never try to edit builds coz that’s my fave thing in the game. Please don’t think poorly of me coz of this :persevere:

oh and btw you can report me if you want…i don’t really play arena except for practice match and right now i don’t play dq coz my phone committed suicide