Maximun Percentage % of Luck

What is the Maximun Luck Percentage? i thought 1012% but why my Luck Percentage cannot go higher it stuck at 850%. It is a bug or what?

You need “fortunate” perk in order to reach 1012% Luck/Gold Find.

I’ve Already Activated the Fortunate Perk. But It cant reach up to 1012% it stack in 850% and According to my All Stat Review The Max Percent of Luck is only 650% so 650&+ the 200% given by fortunate perk equals 850% tss. I have 2x 220% Luck + Hero Points + Talent . But it didn’t end up the max luck percentage that i’ve expected

I finally got to 1012% with Epiphany (5). I believe this is what’s needed to increase the cap

Then you need Epiphany (5) in order to reach 1012% cap value.

Thanks for the knowledge bro … i will hunt or craft that epiphany in order to maximize my luck percentage.

You need epiphany (5) on both characters as well as luck on both characters with fortunate.

Make it (6)ephiphany to your main and (5) to your hireling =1045% luck and gold .easy farm about 1.5- 2m per map with pack size.

Or just go to floor 200 with 1012% gold find then increase item quantity on gear. Gets up to 3-4M max per map in pack size

But the problem map 400 below you cant hunt enslaver for 100% eternal pet.

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Yeah that too but in farming gold and lots of legend to salvage into dust floor 200 is the best.

Yeah i agree if you dnt need that eternal pet then easy farm floor 200 can clear map 1-2 mins. With pick up radius 20yrds or more lol

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Is that really for eternal pet? I thought having eternalize increases ur chances of having ete pet?

Last version sir it is, but now even if you have 7 eternalized it wont drop lol, i bought 6hours monster boast earlier hunting enslaver in 500floor wish to have eternal perfect pet or SDS , but failed. I kill 1300 epicenslaver,it wont drop eternal unless you are not completing 10legend enslaver then 1 mythic enslaver.

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Maybe an RNG troll lmao hahahaha

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I have gotten an eternal pet drop post 3.0 without completing the feat. It was a slime though so not sure it really counts as getting an eternal pet.