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So what you are suggesting is, that crits don’t stack. And that once you max on immolation, bleed damage doesn’t work. Well gee, thats good to know. Where did you get such information from, because it isn’t in the rulebook. In fact the rulebook suggests different. That you can’t have Blistering until you achieve immolation. And you can’t have bleeding without blistering. At least that’s what the rules say, maybe you know different. If you do, please explain. Thanx…


I think we may be talking about two different results. I’m referring to the % chance to Immolate the opponent, or to cause a critical, not the amount of possible damage.

90% Immolates (ignites) almost every time, 40% only half as often.


I agree what unholy is talking about, he is talking about cap of elemental critical chance, or immolate in your case, which is 40%. Cap means that anything beyond its value won’t have effect, so you have 50% extra immolate uselessly.


Well that don’t make no sense. Cause everything has a flashpoint. IOW to immolate. Why would they even have Blistering if you can’t do it? Not that DQ is supposed to make any sense, cause its just a game.


Blistering has no cap. The elemental critical cap is 40% but 30% basically feels like 90% of the time or more anyways . That means that Immolate is useless outside of that 40% cap (although I guess it’s an exception with coat skill or proc?).

Also you don’t need to Immolate constantly anyway to crushing flames or generally deal high DMG.


Seems to me they got them cause and effect bass ackwards. Why have a Legendary affix that can have 90% Blistering and a Legendary with only 40% Immolate. The chemistry is all wrong. If such is the case, Blistering should be before Immolation. Now THAT makes more sense.


Yeah the blistering effect sounds confusing but the Elemental Crit 30% makes lots of sense.

You say only 40% Immolate but even 40% is alot tbh and is overkill in DQ builds as 30% is more than enough in most cases with just 1 legendary affix. I can’t make light-hearted jokes about only 40% elemental crit if it’s more like 100%.


I’m not even gonna worry about it. Its just a game, it aint real life, and this discussion is a perfect example that it aint.

I needed to trim some, someplace anyways for other affixes. Thanks for the info…


In the end I may end up tossing Blistering completely. Especially since it doesn’t work like it says. 90% it aint, if its 40% of something else.


You can’t trust the graphic portrayal, you can’t trust the math, and you can’t trust the description. That actually sounds pretty realistic now that I think about it! :joy:


Lol. Reactor description looks confusing now even though the old description is still correct and was easy to understand and just testing shows it. Some other examples could be there. I mean the description is easy but less detailed .

Basically it means 62.5% MH of the orbs MH. So if orb has 200% MH, reactor (5) deals 125% MH every 0.5 seconds and even more so when the MH is higher and better with discordance.


I want to thank ya’ll for your suggestions. I changed it, and am now doing DoT only half as often. Next time, I’ll keep my findings to myself. Again, thanks…


I think u still confused about Elem Crit.
The Immolation is Elem Crit Chance, it determinate how often ur attacks cause Elem Crit.The cap of it is 40%.
The Blistering is Elem Crit Damage,it multiple ur damage when u cause an Elem Crit.Max of Blistering is 600% (100% x 6 item ).That mean u do x7 damage :slight_smile:


The affix u should replace are Immolation% or Elem Crit %,not Blistering%.If u remove Blistering,ur damage goes down for sure :smile:


Immolation doesn’t have cap but Immolate does. Maybe that’s what I think wildwood got confused about.


I wasn’t confused, ya’ll were. I tried my best to explain to you, it was DoT that was being measured, not the crit itself. DoT is obviously being counted seperately by the program. Whether by mistake, or on purpose I don’t know. All I know is now I have tp waste twice as many bullets to kill them, wherr before I just shot a few rounds and watched as they burnt up DoT from blistering and bleeding to death. You don’t get the bleed if it don’t blister, and you don’t get the blister without the immolation. Crit or no crit cap.


It’s all good though. Ya’ll have given me ideas on how to improve it, and use fewer slots to have the same effect, only better. :sunglasses:


Fire damage is DoT damage, Immolation increase DoT damage by 100% and Blistering add Bleed DoT damage which depend on fire DoT damage, if the Description is right :smile:

Actually I rarely use fire and poison with DoT, I use Shock on Wiz and Ice on Rogue. Rogue Chakram is very good, Whirling Blades can cause hundred B damage easily, the highest as I remember is around 20,000B. Poison can give much more but too much gas = much lag, so no gas plz :blush:


Yeah, I have a Warrior that uses Poison Damage in conjunction with Plague and Sprint. He just runs circles around the enemy and watches them gag to death. Lol


Lol I already knew how DoT worked since I started the game but thanks anyway.