Mechanics behind total effective luck, gold, and item drop %


i just read this thread from above back. and the hint i read is in this thread. look at all steiger reply. u will find that as well and probably ur brain and thinking will lead the same answer as mine lol


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Hey Steiger - is the item drop bonus on top of the 200% possible if both main and follower are capped, making it 300%? Or is the 100% added to the average and still capped at 200?


Does Eternalize/Crystalline/Mythical works even though your hireling does all the killing ang you, the main toon who wears it only runs around?


as of now only work on main. need to wait for confirmation from dev about 2.1 new farming format and content.


Yes if your main is wearing it then it doesnt matter who kills it afaik.


Damn, I got two separate answers. 1 for cronos and 1 for twa. LOL,

The reason for this is that most of my farming gears Eternalize/Crystalline/Mythical is on my rogue and my dps there sucks while my toon warrior has a very high dps w/ max luck so all the kills goes to him and I am not sure if what I am doing is right.


To clear it up.
Farming set affix only works with your main (Eternalize/Crystalline/Mythical)
It doesn’t matter if anyone of your chars kill a mob.

Your Luck, Gold find, and Item Find is average when you have a hireling.


Yes, that’s what I understand at first. Farming set affix only works with your main, however, on the way you said it. It’s kinda contradicting since it works only on the main but it doesn’t matter it hireling kills a mob.

To confirm, if your main toon is wearing [5] Eternalized which is 250%, everytime your hireling kills a mob, there’s still a 250% chance that it will be an eternal legend drop is that correct?

lol sorry for me being confusing.


Yes your scenario is correct.
And no problem in being confuse. Everyone had questions when they started or want to clarify something.
Just ask away lol :smile:


Great, finaaaaaaaaaly. I got it. I can now farm in peace. Thanks a lot. you answered my 1st out of 67 questions. LOL jk thanks!


ok so the Luck, Gold find and item find of the main and hirelng average…

then that means if you hired a hireling you will not get the 650% cap???cause no one is answering the question of oceanyx about how the averaging works…

for example the hireling has 950% total luck(without adding the cap yet) and main has 350%

will the cap take place 1st so that the 950% of hireling will go down to 650% 1st and the computation will be

1st scenario
650%+350% = 500% luck

or it will be

2nd scenario
950%+350% = 650% luck without doing the cap 1st before averaging…

cause if it is 1st scenario then hiring an hireling will be a disadvantage if you are just farming isn’t that right cause unless your hireling has max stats for farming aswell then you will never have a capped stats if the 1st case scenario is applied


Steinger already answer him with the Averaging format. and i giving exampe already. i bet u read that buy not understand it lol.


yes i read your example but you aren’t sure with your example cause you ended it with “tell me if it correct and fix me if it wrong. thank for that valuable infos anyway” which just means that you aren’t sure on it either so that means without real answer from them then the real answer is still a mystery same as steiger answer of averaging.the sentence both you and steiger just said will still lead us to the 2 case scenario i posted as long as that isn’t clear then it still will be 1 of those 2 case scenario so nothing is really cleared there…

and we are still in 2.0 so your post for 2.1 will still not count for now until we have that version then it’s kinda useless since we should focus for what is the real issue to the one currently applied not the one that will be applied in the future(and not yet even sure if it will be implemented since like steiger said they are still thinking if they will implement it or not)


I swear item drops is giving me more gold. Ever since i got 3 fortune mythstones
, I have gained more gold and with fortune hero skill at 20 and gold find high enough, I get more gold. Currently I would use 550 gold find which helps but with gold find at 625%+, I get far more gold as well with the added bonus of more items like legends and crystals and mythstones. Shrines apply to this as well sometimes making my item drops 200% max since item drops is 150% from mythstones and fortune at 20 qnd gold find at either 575% or if I have my pet with 75% gold find, 625%+50%= max gold find. I don’t use hirlings because I don’t like paying. I have 550% gold find default because of fortune and 6 of my gear with greed nature. This boosts up doubled with gold find 5 min boost and even more so if I do legend map. Even better, if I do legend map with gold find 5 min boost or pack size map.
My theory is item drops affects gold drops and gold find increases the value of the drops as well as increase more drops. This applies best on floor 181 where I farm or pack size maps.

(Hero + Follower) / 2 + Follower Bonus + Map Base + Shop Boost. I think it adds jp gold as well in terms of drops.


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Great info and I’ve been trying to figure this all out since I started 3 weeks ago.

So if anyone would be so kind as to clear up a few questions for me then?

1: If the item bonuses on gear are applied before the map loads, could I load a mythic 3 map with my max luck/gold/item/etc gear on and then change to my dps gear and the stats will remain the same?

2: The cap still has me confused a bit. So basically my hirling and I only need 300 gold and luck each to cap at mythic three and not even the shop buff can change that? Is there any condition that might warrant having capped gold/luck on my toons naturally without map, shop or shrine boosts? I thought I saw chests and epic maps… Maybe I am reading it wrong.

3: I see crystallized and eternalized is for my main only but does item find works on a hirling?

I apologize if somewhere in this thread these have been cleared up, work Has my head in a math spin.

Thank you


No. It meant that the averaging happens before bonuses from difficulty are applied. Meaning, if one of your characters have 600% luck/gold on gear and the other has 0%, they will both have 300% luck/gold each before the difficulty bonus is applied. If mythic 3, 350% luck/gold which gives a total of 650! A fun way to farm IMO.

3: No. Only the main can utilize eternalized/crystalline.