Meet my little friends..say hi friends XD


How long did it take you to get that many lol. I’ve only got 3 legendary pets.

Yo you have similar amount of eternal pets I do but that fast! Well good job and keep up the good work :ok_hand: :slight_smile: :thumbsup: .

I have like 20 legend pets or more and then 5 eternal pets :slight_smile: .

I have tons of slimes -_-

I farm it 4 days now with no sleep and eternalized items.

Actually the red ones are 2 months farming the green ones 4 days farming.with the help of boost.

Crazy lol

Rich kid :dreidelparrot:

Ahaha its not about a rich guy its about all the hardworks you perform like me i didn’t even sleep for farming items pets in DQ.

True that. But having the best farming stats does help increase those chances.

Lol that lucky pet. Not that good but whatever. Also monster boost intentional or not helps a lot.

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I got 2 Eternal pets in one day but it was 2 Imps (Bane). 1 has great affix and 1 has ugly.

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I only have one pet with luck affixes…

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Pets that have cool affixes is hard to get.hayy​:sob::sob: i never got a pet that suit my rouge.

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@undeadkramz214 just keep grinding enslavers dude. Soon some pet will fit on your rogue, VERY SOON.

Sorry but I could not resist posting any longer. From a movie I really enjoy below (Scarface).


i have no eternal pet but e have 40 legendary pet’s,(alot of them are repetitive)…

i already have a pet that suit me.