Mercenary Set

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I have already created few build with mercenary set for my warrior against Monsters to finish them easily.
Do you know if Mercenary set works on Mage Sword? In description, it’s not precised what type of sword is concerned about this set.

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How about dagger on Rogue?

from what I remember, Mercenary Set works with the Warrior Sword Weapon. I haven’t heard or read anything about if it works with the Wizard Sword Weapon or the Rogue Dagger.

based on the Set description, I would think it would also work with the Wizard Sword, but not the Rogue Dagger. until I or somebody else does a test and posts it… you would need Mercenary on an Item that isn’t the Sword, as Warrior Sword Jaspers to Wizard Wand and Rogue Chakram.

I’m doing some tests. that 25% chance to get the Mercenary damage at 25% enemy health makes testing tough.

so far, it definitely works with Warrior with Sword. there is a post somewhere that mentions a player who had a Warrior with a Sword with Reflect Damage, and the RD did Mercenary damage when enemy HP was at 25% or lower.

I was testing Wizard with Sword, having Jaspered Mercenary OH (Hatchet) to Wizard Bracer. I think my Orb & Manashield skills, and Reactor Arc and Arc Dodge were all able to do extra damage. the problem was the enemy was almost to 15% health before I saw Mercenary working (so there wasn’t much time from the 15% HP to enemy death. I might try more tests with a better test build to test against higher level monsters, so that I have more time to see if Mercenary is really working with Wizard Sword). I have to say, it really sucks trying to see the damage and trying to stay alive at the same time. LOL :rofl:

I’ll check out Rogue with Dagger next

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It’s always a pleasure to read you. Thank you a lot for sharing your knowledge and to try where other can’t. I don’t have any resources yet I have upgraded my old builds. Now, my reflect damage build can make 2,6B damage :joy:
I asked for mercenary because I have never created a proper reactor build and I want to try a finisher Orb reactor build with lot of “execute” affixe, demonic, mercenary and electrocution. Or reactor with fire element and crushing to hit in hp% and finish all ennemies easily.

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I did some more tests and feel pretty sure that Mercenary Set doesn’t work with Rogue Dagger and Wizard Sword.

I plan on doing some more tests with Warrior & Mercenary Set. what I want to find out is if anything causing damage from a Mercenary Warrior has a chance to cause Mercenary damage. I’m thinking that this is what happens, but I kind of want to really know.

@Deathbro that’s some really good Reflect dmg. is that when enemy HP is 25% or lower?

Thank you for your answer

For my reflect build it’s exactly when enemies are lower than 25% HP but with explosive affixe on all item and a little Cushing blow, it produces a chain explosion with groups of monster and HP decrease easily.
It’s not an active build, it’s just for playing with one hand without using skills :rofl: and I don’t have any deadly strike damage but my 81% dodge / 81% block is better for me.

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I know. it’s kind of fun to walk around and let your enemies defeat themselves on the Reflect Damage.

do you have Redirect Mythic & Electrified Set?

I also found out Reflect Damage can also cause Bleed if you have Bleed Chance. it was really fun finding out what RD could do when it can’t cause Elemental Critical.

Redirect, Mirrored and electrified set yes. With “explosive” affixe, mercenary, demonic and lot of “execute” affixe. It’s really really funny to see a chain reaction of explosion :joy:
I didn’t know that reflect can cause bleed.

Nice to learn again

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