Merry Christmas boost

So I was having a few drinks with family, enjoying the Christmas spirit and all when I open one of the gifts my family opens pre-Christmas (our family opens 2-3 presents Christmas eve) and I get a Google play card! My first thought was, damn dungeon quest is getting it for sure lol. After several libations and stories, I retire to my house to load the card and jump on DQ. I notice the boosts to monster spawn, mythic stones and cystals given to us and was like, wth… I’ll play a bit.
Let me add, I’ve never purchased those boosts, just all bag slots, two addtional character slots, vanity items and 40-60 bucks on gold (I love the game and am happy supporting it:)
Anway, the boosts are crazy! I had to pause a dozen times in the 15 mins of boost to clear space, for several epic crystals and some damn good legendaries and mythics.

To sum up, thanks DQ! Not only for a great game, great customer service but for the Christmas presents. They made my night… Now, do I play through the night boosting everything knowing how awesome they are now or just pass out…

Gonna play!

Merry Christmas DQ and to all that love the game as much as I do!