Meteor lvl40 lvl20+18+18 but cap only to 40

In pve im dropping 5meteors. Why in pvp only 1meteor? I suggested at least 3or2 meteors at once this is not a proc it is actual skill of a staff

heroic skill points on PVE dont add in PVP. only item affixes of skil adds up and due to lvl20 pvp reduction it drops from +10 to +2-3 only. meteor adds additional meteor on lvl 11(not sure). so you need 4x +3 meteor affix for an extra meteor

Yes. Only the epic affix hero points and + All skills affix will add hero points for PvP skills. As for 4x 3+ meteor for an extra meteor drop, you are probably right since it does seem to appear if I have 10 hero points or more into meteor. each meteor is 750% MH (increased by hero points also and the crater is also 25% of that dmg per 0.25 seconds).

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