Meteor proc cant reset?!

Hi guys, i have a wizard that has a aftermath build that solely relies on meteor proc with the “discordance” a can make the internal cd of the proc imitate the cd of my mh Cd,now when i try to use the it tobmy rouge (imitate the build but more on a maelstrom-mayhem type) i cant reset the cd of the meteor even if i used the shatter abd proc a meteor,the cd if meteor still doesnt reset? Is there someone know how to deal with this? Pls helppp !

I think that meteor procs has now an internal cd which means 45% reduced cd is pretty helpful.

I already tried this build too but I think meteors will not be dropped since if you do not have any reduced cd’s equipped.

With tbe help of aftermat the cd of meteor can be reset. I want to post a video if it, but if i post many players can see my precious build XD. And i dont know how to make video(embarassed)

AZ Screen Recorder @Google Playstore

this is the video of my wizard that solely relies to meteor proc with shatter that has aftermath to reset the cd of my meteors, as you can see in the vid i do not use even once my meteor skill,the discordance has nothing to do in it, cause i still can spam it even without discordance,its just one of my hireling type build


Mute the vid’s volume,its too loud,sorry for that

LOL, very awesome.

This have a great potential for PVE and PVP builds.

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