Meteor wizard(my own) updated 1.8

May wizard… This is good or bad?
I handle floor 1.2k…

W/stealth skill and meteor…

can you provide a run down on details

like what’s the max damage… list of affixes…
strengths and weakness of the gear for others to be enticed on trying out your awesome build!
regards :wink:

Update may damge from flor 1.3k

see may damge around 2000.680B ++++

nice damage, this build is doing a minimum of 20b damage to 400b damage with meteor?

I dont now what s the cap of damge because my meteor delas 400b ++++

thanks for the run down…
it’s quite a good build and the highest damage i’ve seen so far in the forums :laughing:
well, would like to give this build a try after some time :smile:

and your meteor is level 20?

Yap my meteor also lvl 20

ok, i’ll try out this build on my wizard.

uhmmm try negating the crushing blow and replacing it with dodge? cause spellsword is affected by dodge… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

and in my case i dont really need momentum coz im TPing all the time better yet find another set affix and replacing MS stats to meteor proc and meteor skills (epic affix)

maybe aftermath??? coz shatter/meteor cancels their cooldown once the other secondary skill is cast… and also mobs do really get confused by taunting and fearing them in just a couple of miliseconds… hehehe

this is just a suggestion hehe :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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I think crushing blow s enough because high flor .
All mobs are bigger hp… So dodge 50 is not effective or use less
Try insigt talenrts effect ur dodge :smiley:


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