Mga ka dq.pataasan tayo ng power d2 ahh(have a contest on whose got the highest power in pvp)

power sa pvp.comment lang screen shot ng stats xa pvp para may

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Sadly my warrior is a free mmr boost for you guys ( if you have a hard time fighting it, it probably means you’re a newbie xD)

Power lang malakas dyan :joy::dealwithitparrot:

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What language are you guys talking?

Its Filipino language (tagalog)

I can accumulate a Power of 6k . But I can’t upload photos right now cos something’s wrong on my phone.

Yeah on a Philippine country only. Pinoy rin ako :joy:

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Are you TechnoMax?

Yes Hahahaha :joy:

Tryna read guidelines mate before posting anything. Remember, this ain’t facebook.

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Yeah. This is forums and with forums, there will be many places where most questions are already answered so the search bar is very useful. If however you still need to ask the question and can’t find the answer or not satisfied, then yeah. If it’s your own build, you can ask questions or if you look at someone else’s build. Question thread if you want to ask quite a bit of questions.

Basically think before you ask .

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Nah, I mean they should atleast read the guidelines since they’re using our country language instead of English which is the rule in this forums. That’s no excuse.

Please forgive them as they are more comfortable in speaking in our own language. Ive seen lots of other people speak their own language here. As much as possible speak english. But we cant help that some dont speak english well and end up getting misunderstood. This thread was titled using our language @TYRON thats why i added the parentheses so other people can understand it too :grinning:

I see.

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I’ve made a bug build that has a 9000 power and yes it’s a BUG because my calculations only shows that my power is only 6.7k i will post the screenshot later

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Lol. 6.7k is a lot too but is that a PvP build ? That’s ridiculous if it is.

No bug,only wrong caculation. :wink:
Ultimate power is 15348 (perfect eternal pet),not a build,just show the number.

6.7k power will mess a pvp build.1K power is enough for pvp.

Ye. 6k power can mess even an immortal build easy peasy. It’s too OP for PvP.

Just stumble on this and got my attention. So I’m curious, does it mean you can reach 15348 power without draws?