Mindful + Bloodmagic?

So did someone already test the mythic affix Bloodmagic in combination with the talent Mindful ?


Element affected enemies give (rank)% MP Regen ( guess rank is from 1 -20 not sure )


Replace all MP,MP regen and mp leech with HP Equivalents,and removes your MP bar.You now uses HP to cast spells.Spell cost is doubled.DMG is increased by HP missing divided by 1.25%

So nobody knows if this works :ā€™( ?

I refrained from answering because Iā€™m not 100% sure. Here goes:
Your MP Regen becomes HP Regen. Assuming that this applies to Mindful: at Mindful (20), your MP Regen increases by 500%. With Blood Magic, your HP Regen would be increased by 500%.

yeah thats what im thinking too just not sure either ā€¦ xD

Just test it out. :smile:

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