Mini Break til' Next Patch

I keep shooting myself in the foot by trying to convert bundles of CS/MS at once and in turn sell them and click on another CS/MS before I can stop myself and undo the selling. Feels like I’m being punished for trying to play the game too fast? I know the developers didn’t have ill intentions but it’s getting too frustrating getting to amber+/fortune+ CS/MS and then selling it on accident and nothing I can do about it.

Fixed in the patch we are submitting this weekend!

This weekend? Yes! I was just about to switch from my loved catastrophic ring to a Manus stone due to the AOE not working. I’ll save the crystals/ gold till after the update. My stone ring is only lvl 63 so I was dreading lvling it up…

What’s includes in the next patch tho

BunnyFuffu , Rogue Level 85