Minion ghost on arena lol

Trying a pvp build on arena w/ summon minions.
My one minion died and still hits the enemy ai

Crazy stuff


Nice. Exploit time! Nah just kidding Lel.

Too bad the screenshot that i took dont show the ghost(my wiz covers the dude) :joy:

record it

Making this as a diary or whatever.

Who de heck is silentkillerz, i got killed for no reason. But combat log says, orb. Like what the? I did not see any or flying on the battlefield. Or maybe bc the battlefield is white?

Kind of advantage on shock element users.

And what is that battlemage trend? Hahahah

battlemage set affix increase hp, armor and change skill to charge at whirlwind

Yeah, the meta. Now, everytime i see a warrior who has a lance and shield, i know it is battle mage terrashaper build, with stealth proc and some shit.

Not fun at all

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