Minor-ish Suggestions Thread

It’s been on my mind for a while now to make this topic. I was just thinking that it’s a bit daunting to create a thread for every seemingly-small feature suggestion, so perhaps this could be a place for people to post their minor feature suggestions that they think would be good for the game.

The concept is that this will serve as:

  1. A central thread for small game improvements

  2. A thread to encourage more players to have a voice and provide feedback for those concerned with posting a new thread for each small input

  3. To have a quick place for players to submit off-the-cuff suggestions that they come up with while playing (but perhaps feel daunted to draw up a whole new topic on)

Anyhow, on to my first minor suggestion. It would be nice to be able to see a reminder of what your current map’s affixes are for the floor you’re on, in case you forget after opening a map / paused the game for a while and came back to it.


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Great thread!

I’d like to see more types of slimes, but as pets! :slight_smile:


I would love a set that buffs explosions and a arcane set-combo becouse its outdated and nobody ll use it for a dmg build :frowning:

I am waiting for the dragon as a pet or item

im waiting for new affixes that buff other skills . ex : an affix which buff whirlwind aoe and dmg , an affix allow to spwn 3twister instead of 1 upon casting, an affix allow u to dmg nearby and far opponents upon using eartshatter, things like this to inc the room and options in making builds …
(hope cyclone mythic will be fix) and (kinda add some aura or animation upon casting whirlwind that would be cool)
i like the thread nc idea

It would also be nice to see the Cyan / Green colored drops whenever a Crystallized or Eternal legendary item drops, like what happens when you kill a mythic monster but for all of them

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Im waiting for the Guildhouses where we would join a guild and battle it out in the arena.
And we will name them something like, House of Steiger, House of Diieter, House of Clogon, etc.

@lk_stradmore Don’t forget House of Stradmore :wink:

Please let them know that Top 3 on Arena must have a Special Awards.

I’m waiting for the auto-play option.

And the auto-troll option.

That would be glorious.

@Skaul lame haha.

Yes please! xD