Mirror Image proc

What decides how many mirror images you can have out at one time?

I use an ammy with 43.4‰ mirror image proc but most of the time I only get one image. Very rarely, I’ll get about 1 minute of 4 images then it will go back to only getting one for a week or so. Then out of the blue 4 again etc

I’ve tried just standing and hitting buttons for 5 minutes straight and usually only get one, once in a while I can’t get any image to proc even. I have +4 attack if that matters here.

I’m just really confused

I apologize if I posted in wrong forum

Get trickster set affix on item or pet for more mirror images

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Ahh OK. Thank you. I’ve been racking my brain for days going over my stats and gear trying to figure out what changed in the middle of the floor to allow 4 images so easy all of a sudden and then only 1 image only.


Oh i forgot. Have mirage as a talent if a rogue


@dickwad Trickster+Summon Fury Proc from Ruby+with Trickster Pet again+Apocalypse on MH = its like watching WWE Royal Rumble. :rofl:


Hmmmm will test it :wink:


Royal rumble. B-)