Mirroring/Streaming on PC

Good day, i just want to ask if there are any people who mirrors their device while palying? Or is it actually allowed?
If yes, what apps do you use? I tested Vysor, but it was not into my liking. too much low quality and paid access to all features

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I don’t know what you mean by mirroring or streaming. Do you mean using a PC emulator or are you trying to get video on your PC for gameplay footage?

A mirroring or streaming app is something that lets you “sync” what you see on an android device to your PC. its not an emulator per se. since you still actually control your game game through the device but it lets you see through the PC.

ok, I know what you are referring to! I use VLC to stream content from my PC to my mobile device (for testing VR movies etc).

I have never gone from phone to PC however.

If you find something good let me know, would like to dabble in it and see how well it preforms.

im current using vysor (the one in the picture) Its easy to use. but limited features and needs payment for full access

well, i only to use this kind of app since my phone screen is too small, and my eyes hurt after playing DQ in my device for a long time. i’m more accustomed to the screen size of my laptop.