Missing 1v1 arena chests

I just went to my messages and sent all my chests to my player, i had 20+ epic(23 I think, i did not look closely as I did not realize there would be a problem), i forget how many legendary, and 3 rare…went to my bags and they are no where to be seen. Is there a limit on collecting, did they vanish, do I need to wait awhile, or do I need to start sending them one at a time to my bags.

You should check your mail again sometimes if you do not wait long enough while clicking through menus they will not be placed into your inventory and simply remain in your inbox if that isn’t the case email support@shinyboxgames.com with the number of chests you lost and they will happily resend them for you :smile:

Thank you, I just checked my mail and they did not show back up. Also, I will email that addresss thank you, hopefully they have a way of seeing the amount I had as I am not positive so I do not want to look like I am trying to cheat.

Glad to help out :smile:

So still didn’t get my chests lol, but I must say these guys are quick to respond to emails. Totally didn’t expect someone to respond that quick. Customer service seems really good. Btw they tried to give me my chests back seems they got a bug somewhere they are taking a look at before next weeks patch.

You got the chests I just sent you though right?

There’s a bug right now with accepting rewards. Try clearing out all the rewards of that same type first before accepting.

Haha didn’t realize you guys where on forum also lol. Typical new guy here lol. Yes @tdaniel I got them in mail but only 1 showed up in bags. Ok @Steigerbox, will go open the ones I have currently in bags now to clear them out. Will just start sending them to my player every time I get one in arena instead of letting them add up in messages for now. Thanks