Missing Bonus Exp and Luck purchases :(

Hi guys, don’t really know how this happened, but while my phone was cooling off- shit you not had to give the poor thing a break. No problem, think I, just grab my backup phone, download DQ sync (can’t explain how much I love you guys for cloud saving!) and voila, good to go! Worked a charm, too, purchased a few xp and luck boosts (2 of each I believe, still have the emails from GP), but didn’t want to use them just then, wanted to wait until returning to my much bigger note 3 so I could see better, use a controller, etc. So, all I did during this time was enchant until my Note 3 was charged and cooled off. Uploaded data, went to Note 3…not showing. Didn’t mind too much, was probably all of $5 with taxes and I just got another of each anyway to play around with. Just maybe in case it was a bug or something, I don’t know. I did try to recover purchases and whatnot, to no avail, and everything else synced properly, and no other problems @ all the whole time I’ve been playing! Thanks!

Hmmm this may be an issue on our end for sure. Do me a favor, email support@shinyboxgames.com and give me your DQ Account email address and your gmail email. I will pull those purchases over to your data for you.

Just upload so that the most recent data you have is on the server.

Sorry for this issue but we will get it resolved for ya asap!

Thanks for playing and THANK YOU for the support!