Missing halloween gift (vanity)

Hi guys. i recieved vanity and demonic pets.
However, the pet is nowhere to be found in my inventoRy.

So i tried to unintall and download. then i never received the gift in my mailbox. i tried to email support 2 days ago and no response from them.

need help guys.

hmm… i not sure what would have happened. i have moved your thread from off topic to support where @tdaniel will more likely see it. GL

I can try to help on my end.

Make sure you emailed support@shinyboxgames.com I check that account all the time and respond to almost all the mail I get there. I don’t respond if the message is empty or it is a sales/phishing email attempt.

Demonic pets…those would have been from last year and that message may have expired?!?

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I did receive the vanity hair and shoulder (looks like for xmas) and crystal boost for 2 hours.

when i checked my inventory i never recieved the demonic slime which is inidicated in thw reward email.

I just sent another email. Hope you received it.

I did, and I responded with the same email I sent you a few days ago:

Go into your character’s inventory.
Check your player inventory (down next to where you have equipped items) and press that vanity tab. here you can equip them!
Toward the bottom of the screen (Next to all of your equipped items) you will find a “vanity” tab.
Press that.

In my email response I included pictures as well.


i was able to check that section. However it’a still not there.
I’ve sent another email with screenshot via email.

Thanks in advance.

ok, check your message queue again