Missing some players

Hey GOB? Are you still there ? Cmon guys lets make some noise. In a good way :joy:

I need you guys i want to be god of build like all of you . hahaha


I guess You’re using Hit and run style :wink::joy::gun:

hahaha what do u think? How can i handle to kill that kind of hp if i just run haha . wheres your other team mate ? Ha mc.bolante? Wahaha

GOB. God Of Banned…

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Tf :speak_no_evil: It’s means you cant kill him in face to face. :joy::gun:

i mean in close battle. btw im not the one of them . so we dont have to fight each other. actually im a hater of gob too :wink: i hate those guy :innocent:

who is mc.bolante?

Yes . i need to face to face combat to make his hp low and calculate if i gonna win this battle or not and if not i will go run run far away thats called tragedy i mean strategy hahaaha . o really i thought it was you hahaha one of the member. the cheater group they never die they always respawn in different IGN hahaha

I dont want to fight each other you know this is only a game. And i do some trashtalk to make the game more happier and hot and spicy pancit canton with chicharon

GOB’s have 2 account. One is legit and the other is cheat for testing a build. If that build is good/success then they use it on the legit account.

O see haha you r one of them you know their secret hahahaa :joy: wheres the other? Hiding in new IGN? Hahahaha

Hot and spicy pancit canton hahaha. Samyang ×4 na uso ngaun pre. 3 days ko inubos yung samyang. Someone told me about that and im not a god.

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