Mob Mower Build


Greetings everyone. My name is Haizen and this is my first time to upload or post my build in dungeon quest game. Any suggestions or opinions about the build will be wholeheartedly accepted. I’m also giving answers if you have questions about the build.

Build Class: Warrior

-Sorry for the scrambled details.

Hero Stats

Heroic Level Distribution

-Thanks to Cuzeg_Spiked and DQuesting Discord Gang


Seems good but not such effective.We can evolve it to a frozen build.


change the +5,000 Ice on the Helm to another Frostbiting. the one on Shibe you can keep, but if you are going to higher floors, change it to +10% Crushing Blow. also, eventually, if you are going to higher floors, HP, Armor, and Resistance become less effective, and Dodge, Block, and Sanctuary (which you have) become more important.
on the other hand, the damage you are doing is pretty good, and means monsters will be dead before they have a chance to know you are there. :crossed_swords:


Thank you for the suggestions. I’m about to change some affixes soon.


Thank you :smile:, nice build.