Modify Eternal?

Seems eternal items can not have an affix changed, or really, nothing affects them. Nothing ive tried at least.


You can change their element, class (warrior, wizard, rogue) and you can change talent, nature… also there are two eternals that have four slots for myth stones so you can add a mythic to them and then add three other affixes from normal to epic bit not edit them after that

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Hmm. Interesting. Thanks :slight_smile:

Fabled blade and unreal helm are the two (available in different forms for each class, I can’t upload pictures because bad internet but just check them out in legendex

The mythical increases mythstone drop rarity and mythology increases eternal damage by the given percent

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Sweet. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I guess the real bummer is, theres no way to add a socket to an eternal. :cry:


Are eternals always set in stone… if i find it again, it will still have no socket?

How is it possible that the skill torrent on eternal divination changed to skulldraga? I have no idea what i did…

Jaspering the item eternal divination seems a little bit clunky. If you have that item which is naturally for wiz and jaspered it to warrior, the epic affix torrent stay the same but when u try to jaspered it again back to wiz the epic affix changes from torrent to skulldraga. Same case to rouge also. You need to do the process just as i mentioned above to get the sentry affix in exchange to torrent.

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Fabled blade and unreal healm :astonished: I want them