MOGA Controller Discussion

Hi community! I recently got my hands on the Android MOGA Pro Power Controller and it’s really an awesome device. That said, I’m primarily using it for DQ!

I was curious to see if any of the members out there are also using a MOGA Controller and what your experiences are. I’m finding a bit of difficulty in some of my gameplay with the controller versus just on my phone, but hopefully will get used to it. I’ll collate my experiences and submit an official feedback thread.

Otherwise, what MOGA are you using and how are you finding it? Any tips for those who want to get one/just got one? :smile:

Already heard of this awesome toy!
The main problem about playin on android is that the phone is overheated after 1 hour of gaming, I’m playin on galaxy SII and i’ve to put a frozen glass of coca on my phone for 5 min to get a good temperature lol

but 50€ is a little bit too much for me :stuck_out_tongue: