Momentum damage

how much increase in damage does momentum(3) with 7.5movespeed or on max capped 24% movespeed

also, in PVE my damage reduces when i equip momentum(without +movespeed affixes)

Momentum (3) in arena means move speed *30% . So 100% move speed x30%= 30% increased dmg from bonus move speed such as from Ruby and skills, talents and sets.

7.5% move speed would mean 2.25% more dmg. 10% would be 3% more dmg since its 10% of 30. 24% move speed means it would be 24*30%=7.2% more dmg. However the cap move speed applies to Legend affix but the Skills like Shieldwall can go above since the native cap in PvE is 100%. If the native cap is reduced, it would mean you could get 40% move speed just by Shieldwall alone since it does count.

40% move speed would be 12% more dmg then with Momentum (3) plus shieldwall does reduce DMG by 40%. Can be increased by hero points. Well Momentum can add DMG in PvP but in my opinion, most builds that DMG isn’t that huge compared to other sets in PvP. It isn’t completely useless though and if you could get the 100% actual move speed (capped 24% legend affix +skills) , then it would be something. Easy ways to have high move speed is shieldwall as well as Knightscharge, coat skill. With summons, you can easily get 50% move and attack speed in arena with Synergy Mythic affix.

As for PvE. Well interesting that Momentum seems to reduce your DMG with no move speed in your case. I never noticed this but I did feel it doesn’t increase DMG unless you add bonus MS, since it doesn’t count your own movement being 100% default or 1. Well it used to I remembered but now it only includes bonus MS from skills, sets, talents and legend affixes for damage increase.

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im trying to make a camper wizard. thats why im trying to maximize the damage by adding momentum. :slight_smile:

Fair enough.

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I recently did a test, and Momentum doesn’t work without some kind of Movement bonus/boost in PVE. my test was Momentum on an item, and using Hero Points in Dexterity. 0 movement bonus, my damage didn’t change when I added Momentum, but just putting 1 point in Dexterity increased my damage with Momentum, even though it was only a little bit. for those who don’t know, Dexterity also increases movement speed .5% at Rank 1, and 20% at Rank 40.

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Thats what i thought :slight_smile: as I remembered that result when testing last time and it makes sense with the Set description also. Before that i remembered some damage increase with just momentum alone before the Bonus MS thing. Well at least Momentum is still very powerful.

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that’s why I did my test. I remembered reading the older posts about Momentum working even without movement boosts, and I had 50% boost, so I thought I was doing +75% damage! and then when I posted about it, and started getting replies, I started wondering what the reality was. and then I couldn’t stand not knowing, so I did the test. +25% damage with Momentum (5) and 2x 15% Movement Speed (Legend-Red) and Dexterity 40 (+20 Movement Speed). same as Defiant without the damage reduction. even though 2x +10 Dexterity (Legend-Red) takes up 2 spaces, I am also getting +20% Dodge and Cool Down, and I am doing well with that for now.

I remember about some old testings and the damage increase is more likely
MS * (1 + %rank% * 0.1)
instead of
MS * %rank% * 0.1
Where %rank% is the set number of momentum.

I don’t know if it’s unchanged right now.