Momentum means more damage

recently I switched my Electrification Set to Momentum Set. I have read a lot about how good Momentum is, and wanted to try it out. my Golem’s Third Farming Build needed some help, and Momentum looked like it could help a lot. for those who don’t know, Momentum increases damage 10% per Momentum of your movement speed %. so Momentum (5) would be 50% of your movement speed % as damage bonus. every one has 100% movement, and you can add movement speed bonus from Legend affixes and the Dexterity skill for up to 50% movement bonus, and other weapon skills that have movement bonus’ for the other 50%, for a total of 200% movement bonus. Momentum (5) would then give you 100% damage bonus if your movement speed was at 200%.

Twister + Electrification set = 423.5k damage per hit.
Twister + Momentum set = 729.8k damage per hit.
I had my Dexterity at 40, so had 120 movement speed, for 60% damage bonus.
I was doing so much damage, that I cried so many tears of joy that I have moss growing under my eyes.

Question: does Momentum work on movement speed or current movement speed? ice attacks and time warp reduce movement speed, and I wondered if that would affect the Momentum % damage boost.

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There is another set affix that add high dmg to momentum in case you dont know…

Go foe adventurer set affix

I think it is based on current movement speed. If you are planning on getting momentum, better combine it with adventurer set. Adventurer set gives u extra ms speed when collecting gold. Try having skills that gives you ms speed bonus.

yup. adventurer and momentum are great hassle free sets.

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haha, I already thought of using Adventurer. Adventurer (1) +7.5% to damage and movement speed. Adventurer (8) +60% to damage and movement speed. but only when the gold found indicator is showing. it’s a lot like having a 50% skill proc., it’s great when you have it, but if it doesn’t proc. when you need it, not good. to be honest, it is a great set for taking out mobs of any size, but I can’t 1 shot Epic+ monsters yet, so when the gold found indicator goes away, my damage goes down. I decided to put in 2 movement speed affixes. with my Dexterity at 40, Momentum is giving me a +75% damage boost.

I think its based on added move speed . current move speed without any affixes is 100% and maybe that doesn’t get added to momentum anymore but it used to be including move speed of 100% default + added move speed from skills, affixes, talents, sets I’m pretty sure.
That means it is 50% DMG at 100% move speed. Although at older patches, it would’ve been more. Either way, momentum is amazing.

Move speed cap is 50% legend affixes but for special skills, talents + legend move speed, cap is 100% overall.

But from what the example shows, its 50% DMG increase not including your default move speed but including affixes , skills and talents as well as sets.

Momentum generally tends to become a must have due to such DMG increase I agree , adventurer greatly helps with momentum when you kill enemies quickly and get gold and having high move speed in general helps with damage and survival. Farming its also great.

Though you gained 60% DMG from 120% move speed since momentum isn’t capped for move speed but actual move speed cap can be 100% .

when I first put Momentum on my gear, the only boost to movement I had was Dexterity 40, which gives a 20% boost to movement. the only change to my gear was switching Electrification to Momentum for the damage per hit values in the first post. as you can see, just for Twister, my damage went up a lot, same for my other skills.
at the moment, I have 2 movement speed affixes + Dexterity 40, so almost have 75% damage boost. need more Ruby’s to get +30% movement. right now they’re at 14% and 14.6%.
this change speeded up clearing maps, but I had to change my specials to Storm and Taunt. went over floor 600 today, and got a crystal Hand of Epiphany, and a regular Hand & Loop of Epiphany so far.

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